ĎWorking for the people of Snapeí.

Snape Village Association is made up of about a dozen village people who work together, for the village, in the following areas.

Playing field

Snape has one of the best playing fields in the area. It is large and flat and well maintained. If you havenít seen it recently you should have a look at it Ėbecause things are happening over there. The Association maintains the whole area and keeps it in tiptop condition. Ė Grass cut, hedges trimmed and litter picked up. Go and have a look! The entrance is in the Glebes.

Like the playing field, the Village Association has been around a long time. In the past, after the last war, you had to join the Associationís sports club to use the playing field. Now itís completely free.

  • Village soccer team play their home matches on the field.

  • Children use the play areaóthere are swings, climbing frames, a slide and a fort for younger children.

  • For older children there is a basketball goal and a newly installed aerial runway. This is good fun. Not going at top speed yet, but it wonít be long. Do try it. Parents can show the children how itís done!

  Picnic Table - READ ALL ABOUT IT!     
  • Erected under the shelter, the heaviest picnic table you have ever seen - made in France. We expect this to become a regular meeting place.

  • The outside of the field makes a good jogging track.

The Association has organised all these things on the playing field.


Carol Singing

When it comes to carol singing, Snape takes some beating. This is another of the Village Associations activities, and has been for as long as anyone can remember. Not for us the odd night of singing . In Snape we sing for four nights to almost every house in the village during the week before Christmas. Itís all well organised and we always have a good number of singers. If you donít hear us coming you may see our lanterns and red scarves approaching. Anyone who can sing more or less in tune is most welcome to join us. Itís a lovely start to Christmas.


Older Folk

Until recently the Association has organised an afternoon of tea and entertainment for the older folk within the village. We hope we may be able to arrange it again in the not too distant future.

As you can see the Association is active and organised. But we are a small group and we do need more people to help us. We particularly need parents of young children. So, if you are a parent and would like to be involved in this useful village work, please let us know. Our chairman is John Walker, and he can be contacted at the Post Office.

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